Product Care Guide


We know you're rocking that workout #withurbnzd and we love seeing you in it! As athletes ourselves, we love a technical yet versatile apparel, our activewear doubles as leisurewear, brunch wear, and sometimes even workwear (I won't tell, if you won't). With that much wear, proper care is essential to lengthen the lifespan of your leggings.


Wash on cold.

Set your washing machine to cold whenever you’re giving your apparel a wash. The cold water helps preserve the shape and stretch of your activewear and any prints on it. 

Wash gently.

Choose a gentle washing detergent on your activewear. Some detergents are abrasive and can damage your activewear.

Ensure that your apparels are flipped inside out, to prevent any printing damage.

Hang Dry.

Dryers can damage the fibers of your sports bra and leggings! Please avoid them! By hanging dry, you prevent your activewear from getting holes and tears. 

Wash after you wear.

This may seem like a no brainer, but keep up with me here. Please try to wash your activewear after 1-2 wears and if you can't get them into the wash immediately, let the sweat dry before dumping them in the laundry basket to prevent mold or bacteria built up.

Skip the fabric softener.

Fabric softener can degrade the sweat wicking properties of your activewear. If you forgot, just give your leggings an extra wash!

Use a mesh laundry bag.

We love love love our little details on our activewear like strappy sports bras and leggings with cut outs. Keep them safe from harm and tangles of the washing machine by washing your activewear in a mesh laundry bag!

    It isn’t rocket science, but we hope these tips can lengthen the lifespan of your activewear! We want to see you in action #withurbnzd for years to come.