Friends of Urbnzd

Hey Friends! 

We are looking for creative and outgoing content creators to become our Friends!

Are you someone working in the fitness industry? Do you have a passion and love

to share your style with the internet community? Or do you love and align with our

brand and aesthetics? This one's for you! 

We care about creating quality and affordable products, as much as we want to work with

quality people. We love working closely with our ambassadors to spread positivity, motivation,

and a good deal to anyone who needs it. Let us do the hard work and produce clothing that

allows you to be the better version of yourself in and out of the gym. 

We'd love to support you, expand your creative potential and be a part of your journey

as your Friends in this community of like-minded girls who all share the

same interest- Fashion, Fitness, and Friendship. 

All you need to do is start sharing your content on your socials, Cheers to new Friendship! <3

Apply here